”Simply the best decision I've ever made for my child.”
Fun and stimulating parent-child programs for the ideal development of babies, toddlers and school aged children.
Learning to move. Moving to learn.
Proven, science-based methods to help babies and toddlers with developmental delays
Designed to stimulate the nervous system
Research-based neuro-developmental exercises led by a qualified movement therapist who specializes in child motor development.
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Classes for Children

Our classes are planned by a professional movement therapist. The play-based choreography is designed to stimulate the child’s nervous system. Each class is specially tailored to the different age groups.

Classes for Parents

Our pregnancy and breastfeeding workout classes are designed by a qualified trainer who is also a mother of four children - so she not only understands the research, but also has first-hand experience relating to what a pregnant body needs and enjoys.

What we do

More than a Gym

Hreyfiland is not simply a children’s gym. It’s a colorful and exciting environment where children can sharpen their brains through play-based exercises. Our little clients are getting smarter while simply having fun with their parents!

Applying the Science of Child Development Can Give Kids a Boost

Did you know that 80% of the brain’s neural connections have been made by the age of three? Early childhood is a crucial phase of growth and development. The experiences children have in the early years of life have a profound impact on their entire future. The exercises at Hreyfiland are therefore designed to stimulate the maturation process of the child’s nervous system, thus have a long-term beneficial effect on both physical and mental functions. Developmental science proves – that Hreyfiland’s classes help children learn and grow on multiple levels – all while having loads of fun!

  • Comfortable and Safe Space

    An abundance of colorful vinyl foam and age-appropriate gym equipment, researched and tested toys make things stimulating, comfortable and safe at the same time.

  • Stimulating Activities

    Complex balance movements, exposure to various sensory input, gross motor and fine motor stimulation exercises and children’s songs for lingual skills and to increase mood and atmosphere.

  • Suitable for the Special Ones

    Children with developmental delays, learning disabilities, behavioral problems and other challenges may especially benefit from Hreyfiland’s developmental therapy.

  • Qualified Movement Therapist

    Krisztina is a professional movement therapist specialized on child motor development with 30 years of experience in various fields of sports education.


What Parents Say:

Our teaching method

Meet our Lead Therapist

Krisztina is a professional movement therapist who specialises in child motor development. Her mission is to encourage parents to enjoy time with their child in a fun, stimulating and effective way. Krisztina believes that parents have an important role in supporting the holistic wellbeing and development of their children including not only the cognitive and emotional aspects of their development – but also the physical.

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