Snillingafimi for 5-12 months old babies

From a dependent newborn to an active toddler – it takes just 12 short months for your baby to undergo this incredible transformation. Babies grow and change at an astounding rate and every month brings new and exciting developments.

During these months, babies are really learning to explore, interact and manipulate the world around them. As they learn to master the use of their hands and discover their voice, babies’ brains are literal sponges that absorb and process new information continuously. This rapid learning can be seen in the development of a baby as they learn and master new skills each and every day.

Many things can be done to help make a child’s developmental progress stable and successful. The choreography of Snillingafimi is tailored to support the development of infants across their first year of life. In the class, parents are also guided and informed about the movement milestones that can be expected within the first year of their child’s life.

Normal developmental process during the first year

While most babies will reach milestones along a predictable continuum, there is a wide variance in terms of what is classed as ‘normal’ development. No two babies are exactly alike and it is not unusual for a healthy baby to fall behind in some areas of their development or race ahead in others. Some babies will do things earlier, while others will do them later — and that’s all usually OK. Babies born prematurely or with underlying health issues can also take more time to reach expected milestones.

Snillingafimi classes give caregivers confidence, knowledge, and support to grow self-esteem and self-awareness while strengthening the important bond and attachment between baby and caregiver.

Our Teaching Method

When assessing a child’s development, seven factors, in particular, are taken into account. These areas include their: emotional intelligence, perception, mobility, mastery of solutions, attention, understanding, imagination, and creativity. Snillingafimi is built around these factors and tailor-designed to support infant development.

Parents are instructed and supported to stimulate the seven intelligence elements that the child receives throughout the cradle age for their development and health. Parents learn exercises and games and receive instructions on how to stimulate the child’s senses and mental and physical development.

Classes offer insight into early development to increase the confidence of parents and caregivers in understanding their growing baby. Snillingafimi has been designed with the development of babies and their particular needs in mind. Activities are created to nurture and foster their growth while honoring their process and individuality.

Snillingafimi is for babies 5-12 months. Class size and structure will be dependent on applicants.

Each class lasts 35-40 minutes and at the conclusion of each class is some extra time for babies to play freely in the gym and for parents to socialize and ask their instructor any questions that might have arisen.