Meet the founder

Krisztina G. Agueda

Certified TSMT Therapist, Trainer

Krisztina is a professional movement therapist who specializes in child motor development. Her mission is to encourage parents to enjoy time with their children in a fun, stimulating, and effective way. Krisztina believes that parents have an important role in supporting the holistic wellbeing and development of their children including not only the cognitive and emotional aspects of their development – but also the physical.

Qualifications and experiences

Targeted Sensory-Motor Therapist

Krisztina has a specialization in a unique type of movement therapy called Targeted Sensory-Motor Therapy (TSMT).  This approach supports and stimulates the maturation process of the child’s nervous system through various exercises – such as balance treatments, structured exposure to sensory input, and other carefully designed and tailored physical activities.

Representative of the BHRG Institute

Krisztina is a representative of the BHRG Institute – BHRG model (Budapest Hydroterapheutic Rehabilitational Gymnastics) in Iceland. The BHRG model© includes the Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation Gymnastics (HRG), the Targeted Sensorimotor Therapy (TSMT), and the Sensorimotor Test (SMT). This unique therapy model is using its own proprietary testing method,  focusing on the child’s individual skills and developmental milestones, rather than making a generalized diagnosis. 

  • Qualified Trainer

    Krisztina has 30 years of experience in various fields of sports education. She graduated as a leisure sports, aerobics and fitness trainer at the University of Sports in Hungary, and remains a master trainer in fitball.

  • Competition judge

    Before she founded Hreyfiland in Iceland, Krisztina ran a family gym in Hungary. She participated in fitness competitions organized by IFF (International Fitness Federation) and worked as a fitness, aerobic and fitt-ball trainer, a competition judge in the Fitkid European Championship, and a coach for children’s aerobic activities.

  • Founder of the Icelandic Fitness Association

    Krisztina’s Icelandic career began as an aerobic teacher and personal trainer at Ræktinn in Seltjarnarnes and in Baðhúsið. Following this, she founded the Icelandic Fitness Association /Islenska Fitness Félagið and was the Chief coordinator of the International Fitkid Division for 10 years.

  • Special Teacher in Kindergartens

    She became Head of Physical Education at the Ársól preschool at Skólar ehf in 2009. In the last decade, Krisztina has collaborated with the gymnastics department in Stjarnan and has been a special teacher of physical education at Seltjarnarnes kindergarten.

  • Mother of Four Children

    As a mother of four children, Krisztina has firsthand experience relating to the benefits of the methods she has studied and has successfully used them on her own children.

  • Developed Exercises Based on Own Experiences

    Krisztina’s skills and experiences have allowed her to develop exercises that are safe for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. She authored several professional booklets and DVD's for expecting women and new mothers:
    - Fitball training and exercises - Leikfimi fyrir mæður og ungbörn
    - Þroski barnsins skref fyrir skref
    - “Bumbufimi” DVD exercising mothers to be