Maternal Fitness

Maternal fitness is For the new mother and her child

Maternal fitness is about light and soft exercises that help the body recover after childbirth and build energy and endurance. Maternal fitness is for mothers with children from the age of six weeks.

Maternal Fitness is a pleasant time for both mother and child.

Maternal Fitness is structured with the idea that practitioners have recently had a baby, – are breastfeeding, – wish to build up the body and recover in a healthy way after pregnancy and childbirth.

Mother and Child Time

While the mother exercises, the child plays in an exciting and fun environment inside the hall with the mother or next to her. When mothers have finished their exercises, there is a special gymnastics for the children, genius gymnastics. There, mothers receive instructions on how to stimulate the child’s senses and physical development.

What is unique about this program is that the child can stay with the mother the whole time and participate in the exercise program as well.

The music in the classes is pleasant and meant to increase the comfort of all particiapants.


About the course

Maternal fitness exercises are 2x a week (45 min at a time). Genius exercise at the end of each class (10-15 min).

The courses start on January 9. – It is taught twice a week at 10:00 on Mondays and 10:00 on Wednesdays

Krisztina Welcomes You

Our Maternal Fitness Classes is an exercise system designed by Krisztina G. Aguyeda who has helped countless mothers recover healthily and effectively after giving birth. The system includes pleasant moments together and light and fun exercises that are suitable for everyone.

Krisztina is a qualified movement coach with years of experience in training and teaching.