Gym Equipment

Whilst maintaining a strong focus on safety, we want the children to be delighted and inspired by the colorful and exciting environment and to feel comfortable in the space that Hreyfiland has to offer.

At Hreyfiland, you will find a spacious room full of colorful equipment that has been designed to create challenges and inspire learning. Our equipment has been specifically designed and built for babies and children – thoughtfully crafted to stimulate and engage little ones while keeping them safe. Each piece of equipment serves the purpose of providing crucial stimulation for optimal physical and neurological development.

During the baby classes, we’ll show you how to use this equipment to give your non-mobile babies stimulation that stretches them beyond their current developmental stage. Once babies are mobile, right up to our Hreyfifimi classes, children have the time of their lives practicing their developing skills while climbing, balancing, jumping, tumbling, swinging, bouncing, and more. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers have a blast on our age-appropriate gym equipment!

We follow rigorous maintenance and cleaning processes to ensure the maximum safety and health of our children.

Other facilities

At the reception, you’ll find a Nespresso machine that you can use free of charge. At Hreyfiland, there is also a changing room with a shower and lockers in case you’d like to change before the class (although it is not necessary) or refresh yourself afterward.

There is also a toilet and a changing table for babies. We provide diapers in various sizes, wet wipes, nappy cream, sanitary pads, and everything you or your baby might need in the restroom.

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