What parents say about us
  • These exercises are vital for all children

    It’s been interesting to observe the work that's done professionally in Hreyfiland. Krisztina places great emphasis on basic skills and fundamentals that each child needs to have to make progress in terms of motor skills development. The exercises practiced there are very varied and purposeful, meaning they are selected carefully for a specific time and amount to meet a specific end.

    It is especially encouraging to see teachers participate as actively as Krisztina does while doing the exercises. She stimulates the senses of the children by connecting them to music and playing games with them. But more importantly, she always cheers them on during the process.

    These exercises are vital for all children, particularly for children with special needs. Studies have shown that early intervention can be effective for all children and not just the ones who are disabled in some way. In recent years, the Sports Association of the Disabled has presented a related project concerned with children's motor development and early intervention in childhood. The project has been introduced in kindergartens and an important collaboration has taken place with Hreyfiland for this project.

    I want to express my gratitude for this great collaboration and send many congratulations to Krisztina on the wonderful work she does.

    Anna Karólína Vilhjálmsdóttir
    Directing Manager of Special Olympics in Iceland

  • Help for children with special needs

    I was first at Hreyfiland in 2007 with my son, Snævar. We joined Mædrafimi and continued with Snillingafimi. With my second son, Hjálmar, we were in Snillingafimi and Hreyfifimi in 2015. Snævar was diagnosed with autism and Hjálmar was an extremely premature baby. The classes at Hreyfiland have clearly helped both of them develop and stimulate their nervous systems.

    I believe it's always good to use time appropriately and professionally to do something useful with the child, which results in better development of the motor skills. I highly recommend the classes at Hreyfiland.

    Bergrún Stefánsdóttir,
    Sports scientist, exercise director at Skólar Kindergarten

  • Overcome developmental delays

    The physical development of our daughter (4 years old) was not in line with other developing skills despite playing sports. In personal training with Krisztin at Hreyfiland, our daughter has improved so much and is now able to do many things like cycling and climbing, things she was not able to do before.

    Sigurður Freyr Hafstein
    Professor of Mathematics at the University of Iceland

  • They really enjoy it

    Our daughters (18 months and 4 years old) are both in group classes in Hreyfiland. They really enjoy it and always look forward to going and learning a lot.

    Maria Bongardt
    Pharmacist, mother of 2 children

  • Positive, peaceful atmoshpere and quality time

    Krisztina is incredibly knowledgeable about children's motor development and we have truly benefited from it. Eight years ago, our daughter had physical and developmental disabilities. She did a lot of training with Krisztin. We still use a lot of her training exercises to this day. Now, we have another nine-month-old baby who managed to go for a few exchanges in Hreyfiland before we had to go away on a trip during our maternity leave but we have kept using those exercises at home and look forward to coming back in time for the classes this summer. The atmosphere is peaceful and parents get to enjoy quality time with their children in a safe and positive environment at Hreyfilands and with Krisztina.

    Thank you very much,
    Guðrún, Árni, Halldóra María and Arnaldur Smári

  • She closely monitors each and every child

    I was at Hreyfiland with my son since he was 12 weeks old until the age of 2. First, we were in Mæðrafimi where a part of our stay was for the children and then he was in Snillingafimi and Hreyfifimi. Krisztina has great knowledge of children's motor development. She closely monitors each and every child and provides parents with advice and exercises to train certain aspects of their brain and body if needed. It was a great and fun time for us as a family. We learned a lot about children's motor development. I recommend Krisztina wholeheartedly.

    Birta Bæringsdóttir