Why You Shouldn’t Use a Baby Walker and What to Use Instead

Have you been considering getting an infant walker? If so, don’t. While some people think that walkers are useful for their babies, entertaining them and teaching them to walk, this isn’t true. A baby walker can actually be dangerous and might even delay your child’s development. So, if you’re thinking of buying a baby walker […]

How Movement Improves Cognitive Development and Learning Skills

We’re living in an era when children and youth are engaging in increasing amounts of sedentary behavior. This is why any attempt to get them to engage in physical movement should be considered positive. When children are using and developing their gross motor skills by running, jumping, or even walking, research shows that their cognitive […]

Children of The Future – Online Conference November 19-22, 2021.

Playing, Learning, and the Effects of the Environment Lectures presenting the developmental characteristics of early childhood development and children from 19 to 22 November 2021. The target audience of the event is movement therapists, special educators, developmental educators, conductors, nurses, early childhood educators, kindergarten teachers, physiotherapists, psychologists. Conference presentations, available: via a link posted on […]

The Therapist Recommends: Adamo Premium Baby Swings

Premium Baby Swings for the Comfort and Ideal Development of Infants and Toddlers The benefits of swinging are truly therapeutic. One of the most obvious benefits is that a rocking motion can calm an upset child and bring happiness, joy, and sometimes even excitement. There are, however, a range of benefits that are way more […]

Play Ideas to Boost Cognitive Development in Toddlers

When it comes to the cognitive development of your toddler—meaning their ability to understand, communicate, think, imagine, create memories, and predict what might happen next—play is absolutely essential. One of the principal ways that a child explores the world around them is through play, which allows them to simultaneously experiment, think, problem-solve, and learn. With […]

How to Boost Your Baby’s Motor Development in Their First Year

Why Are Motor Skills Important? Motor skills form an essential part of a baby’s physical strength and their ability to move. We use motor skills every day, throughout our lives. Motor skills are what help us move. They also help do everything, from lifting heavy items to typing on a keyboard. The development of motor […]

Why You Shouldn’t Make Your Baby Sit Up or Walk

Before They Start Doing So Unsupported Conventional wisdom might call it blog suicide to talk negatively about a practice that 90% of parents probably do with their babies. But, as a therapist, it’s my job to tell you the truth about this common practice and to offer you alternatives to help with your baby’s development. […]

Infant Motor Development During the First Year of Life

Motor development is a gradual process during which the child will slowly increase their use and coordination of the smaller muscles in their hands as well as the large muscles, such as those of their trunk, legs, and arms. In this respect, growth and development are two distinct processes, which remain interlinked. Specific developmental milestones […]