How to Boost Your Baby’s Motor Development in Their First Year

Why Are Motor Skills Important? Motor skills form an essential part of a baby’s physical strength and their ability to move. We use motor skills every day, throughout our lives. Motor skills are what help us move. They also help do everything, from lifting heavy items to typing on a keyboard. The development of motor […]

The Therapist’s Advice

Why You Shouldn’t Make Your Baby Sit Up or Walk Before They Start Doing So Unsupported Conventional wisdom might call it blog suicide to talk negatively about a practice that 90% of parents probably do with their babies. But, as a therapist, it’s my job to tell you the truth about this common practice and […]

Infant Motor Development During the First Year of Life

Motor development is a gradual process during which the child will slowly increase their use and coordination of the smaller muscles in their hands as well as the large muscles, such as those of their trunk, legs, and arms. In this respect, growth and development are two distinct processes, which remain interlinked. Specific developmental milestones […]